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Events 2023 - 2024
First event12-21 June 2023
Event no. 423DT48
Second event27 November - 6 December 2023
Event no. 423DT49
Third event3-12 June 2024
Event no. 424DT09
Fourth event14-23 October 2024
Event no. 424DT10


The target group of the training will be “young lawyers in private practice”, including trainee lawyers and – in jurisdictions in which initial training does not include a period of legal practice– newly qualified lawyers with less than three years of experience.


A person is considered a “trainee lawyer” if s/he is regarded as such under national law, including in the form of an induction or apprenticeship period, and if s/he has not attended initial training activities for more than three years.


This definition does not include law students. Participants need to fulfil the criteria at the beginning of the year 2023, therefore a trainee passing the bar exam or being newly qualified as a lawyer in the course of 2023 can still apply for the events.


Participation is possible only upon nomination by the partners of the project. For further information please turn to the local bar association.



Participants should have a working knowledge of English.



  • ERA Conference Centre, Trier
  • European Court of Justice, Luxembourg
  • Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg


Other services

Lunches, four dinners, beverages consumed during the event and documentation are offered by ERA.

Travel & Accommodation

Accommodation will be provided from Sunday evening till the end of the course. The costs for accommodation in both Trier and Strasbourg are booked and paid by ERA.


All young lawyers selected to participate in the course will receive a contribution to their travel costs depending on the distance from where they are travelling.


Participants are asked to book their flights immediately after they have received the confirmation from ERA. They are obliged to confirm their participation otherwise different candite will be chosen. No reimbursement upon the cancelation will be provided.


The nearest airports close to Trier:

  • Luxembourg (40 km, 1 hour 20 minutes by bus and train),
  • Frankfurt Hahn (76 km, 2 hours by bus and train), Cologne (167 km; 3,5 hours by train),
  • Frankfurt am Main (185 km, 3-3,5 hours by train).

Co-funded by the European Union